School Counseling and Advisement

White Knoll Middle School Counselors will be available from 7:45-3:40 Monday- Friday.

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Snack Pack:  White Knoll Middle School partners with Lexington United Methodist Church and Willow Ridge Church to provide a Snack Pack program to needy children who are at risk of being hungry. The churches provide food for children to take home each Friday for the weekend. If your child needs food for the weekend, please contact your grade level school counselor.

White Knoll Middle School Counseling and Advisement Vision: In collaboration with families, teachers, administration, and community members, White Knoll Middle School Counseling and Advisement program envision a future where each student achieves success regardless of ability, socio-economic status, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. School counselors will cultivate helping relationships to assist students with achieving their academic, personal/social, and career goals in a competitive 21st century. School counselors will continually evaluate and review academic data to determine classes, groups, and/or programs that may help students be successful in a high-performance learning culture. Our goal is for students to develop into independent, creative thinkers who are motivated to become responsible, productive, contributing citizens.

Our School Counseling Staff:

WKMS School Counselors rotate each year with the students in order to build the best possible relationship with your children. We offer a comprehensive developmental school counseling program that consists of classroom guidance, small group counseling, and individual counseling. Please do not hesitate to contact us when you have concerns or questions.

 Marlene Neal will serve as the eighth-grade school counselor for the 2020-2021 school year and is also the Director of School Counseling and Advisement. This is her fifteenth year at WKMS and prior to becoming a Warhawk, she worked for three years in Richland Two at Windsor Elementary. Ms. Neal has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Presbyterian College and a graduate degree in Social Work as well as an Educational Specialist degree in School Counseling from USC.

JenniferGuidanceJennifer Calabrese will be the seventh-grade school counselor and editor of our monthly School Counseling Calendar, which keeps families informed about upcoming events. This will be her eighth year as a Warhawk, but she comes to us from Gilbert Middle School where she worked for five years. Her undergraduate degree is in Psychology from Charter Oak State College and she has a Master of Science in School Psychology from Southern Connecticut State University. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, exercising, visiting her family, and playing with her dog, Bailey, and kitty Meeka.

MeredithThomasGuidanceMeredith Thomas serves as the sixth-grade school counselor, this year. This is her seventh year as a Warhawk, but she comes to us from Pelion Middle School where she worked for twelve years. Her undergraduate degree is in Psychology from Columbia College and her Masters in Counseling is from USC.  Mrs. Thomas lives in Lexington with her husband, two children, and a pet dog, Lola.

ChristineAveryGuidanceChristine Avery is the Administrative Assistant for the School Counseling department. She handles all enrollments and withdrawals and maintains permanent records. This is her seventh year at White Knoll Middle School. Mrs. Avery lives in West Columbia with her husband and her two children.



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